This is primarily to the average person (which bothers me as there is no such thing as an average person) for each of you are unique in their own way. Therefore it must mean to everyone. Each day we are all beset by various evils: greed, covetousness, lust, etc., etc. It’s how one meets these … Read more

In this turbulent times with shootings galore, massacres, and wanton killing, the last thing I fear is the words racing through my mind, the last thoughts racing through it – “If I only had my gun”! Be prepared and remember the old Marine Corps saying, “Breath, Relax, Aim, Squeeze, and Shoot”. Good day everyone!!!

In this day of offending anyone I want to make a statement. “Whenever I tell a joke or remark about someone different than I am, I hear people say that offends me!” Well friend I am going to change that. In the future I shall only make remarks about MORONS! That way I doubt if … Read more

Mercer’s Manor

Dan Mercer is an ex-Union officer struggling to overcome the altrocities of having been a prisoner of war while forging a new life for himself on the untamed plains of Oklahoma. Now, as part-owner of a ranch he helped save from bankruptcy, the only thing marring his happiness is a lost love. So when the … Read more


Murder, suspense, rampant crime, and old fashion justice in a lawless land are all to be had in Bobby Woodall’s old west epic, CLEARWATER! But more than a western, this novel shows a psyche that some think only thrives in the modern world. Sure to grace the silver screen, CLEARWATER will be an unadulterated look … Read more