I was sitting on my porch having my daily cup of coffee, smoking my pipe, and watching the robins catch worms. Got to thinking as I watch a robin hop along the ground, stop, cock it’s head to the side and precisely picked out the spot where a worm was below the surface of the … Read more

Forty-two years ago my wife, daughter and I moved to Indiana. I was using my GI bill to pay for heavy equipment school at Morristown, Indiana. When we arrived my wife said there’s your school. It was an old canning factory. I was wise enough to know it was April fools day so I said, … Read more

My wife is a lucky and rather fortunate woman. Today I made my bed (as I do everyday), got supper ready for her, took care of the dishes and made her comfortable in the garage! The bed was really zipping up my sleeping bag. Getting supper consisted of me going to Rally’s and Arby’s. As … Read more

Dog-Rabbit! “If I had only done this or that!”, “If I only was born with a silver spoon in my mouth!”, “If I only had better circumstances to raise my family!” Etc., etc. People, I have heard these lame excuses and even used a few in my pity parties for myself. But, we need to … Read more

Looks very promising today people. Sun’s up and shining, weather’s mild (52), birds out along with the squirrels and occasional dog. Everything looks wonderful. Best part of all we are ALIVE to enjoy it. Remember to smile and be hospitable as some have entertained angels unawares. Of course I entertain an angel (my wife) everyday. … Read more