“To be or not to be?” that is the question from William Shakespeare. To enlarge upon this statement, “Do I want to be somebody or not? Of course you do as we all have the same emotions: fear, joy, happiness, frustrations and feelings. Don’t rain on others parade as you would not have them rain on yours. Remember that YOU and only You control YOU! There are far too many people that are self-righteous in the world today. They often say, “It doesn’t bother me any (as long as I am all right) but GOD help you if you step on my toes!” Many a married man when asked by their wife, “How do I look? Does this article of clothing look all right?” is treading on diffulcult ground. The best thing I can advise is simply ask them a question. “How do you feel about it? If it’s all right with you, then it is all right with me!!! Have a wonderful day my friends!!!