I’m sure we have all faced a disgruntled cashier at one time or another. To overcome this, simply smile and ask them, “Having a good day?” But be prepared to find out. Most of the time you’ll receive a smile, but sometime you get the cashier that has a bad day, bad life, or bad circumstances. Then they unload on you their troubles, which is paramount to them at that time. Keep smiling and patiently listing. You can help that person by providing a listing ear. To many, that is all it takes, for them to be listened to by someone else. You’d be surprised at how quickly one can turn around the other person. Psychiatrist use the all the time by asking you what you feel. You tell them and they, through their expertise pick up on certain words, phrases and how they are connected. When I go see my family doctor, right off the bat he says, “Well Bobby, how we feeling,” to which I reply, “Don’t know much about you but I am sick. Why else would I be here?” Then he tries a new tactic, “What seems to be wrong with you?” I look seriously as I can and say, “That is why I’m paying you for your knowledge you learned in college to tell me. If I have to diagnose my own problem then why can’t I treat myself?” We don’t have the knowledge or the MD behind our name, but many times we can not only treat ourselves but make a difference in another persons life by smiling and listening. Good day everyone!!!