Dan Mercer is an ex-Union officer struggling to overcome the altrocities of having been a prisoner of war while forging a new life for himself on the untamed plains of Oklahoma. Now, as part-owner of a ranch he helped save from bankruptcy, the only thing marring his happiness is a lost love. So when the government sends him on a quest to find his love and betray her, Mercer has a choice to make…

“Mercer’s Manor by Bobby R. Woodall has Dan Mercer leading a cast of strong male characters through their paces. Mr. Woodall’s descriptions paint a vivid picture of the harsh realities of the best western tradition.” SHANNAH BIONDINE, author.

“Mercer’s Manor is a refreshing novel like those I remember reading as a kid. It required me to use my imagination, unlike most graphically displayed books of today. We need more wholesome storywriters like Mr. Woodall.” RODERICK BOCKMILLER, Ph.D.

“The elements of Oklahoma’s furious climate were realistically brought to life throughout the story as were the vivid battle scenes. An excellent romantic, action-packed western.” JAMES CHANCELLOR, author.