Murder, suspense, rampant crime, and old fashion justice in a lawless land are all to be had in Bobby Woodall’s old west epic, CLEARWATER! But more than a western, this novel shows a psyche that some think only thrives in the modern world.

Sure to grace the silver screen, CLEARWATER will be an unadulterated look at how the west was truly won with strength, conviction and people with will and determination to survive whatever the cost.

Set in 1879 Indian Territory, this story takes you on a journey that allows you to feel the heart and soul of the characters who carved the path to today’s western living. Before freeways, convenience stores, and gangs, there were Indians, rugged countryside and outlaws.

When a cold-blooded killer escapes his execution and arrives in Clearwater, robbing the bank, leaving dead bodies in his wake and a town nearly burned to the ground, a posse is formed to capture him. In the days that follow you wonder just how innocent the ‘good guys’ really are.

CLEARWATER — a town hoping never to be found? A town of victims–Or a town where other criminals striving to escape the law have tried to start a new life? Can the good people of Clearwater forgive and forget? Can they rebuild the town? Do they want to? Will they stop the menace that threatens them?

Find out! Purchase your copy of CLEARWATER then give yourself plenty of time-you won’t want to put this book down until the very last page. Five Stars.

—Pepper Raines, Publisher, Amazing Authors Showcase