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Many have heard of the old hare-tortoise race. I want to share with you an incident which this comes into play. How many times have you been going the speed limit on a two-lane road when some yahoo comes up behind you rather quickly and stays right on your bumper? The driver may honk his … Read more

My novels are available in paperback with no profanity nor graphic sex scenes. They are $20 apiece which includes S&H, my signature, business cards for book markers & a newspaper article about me “dying” 3 times! By buying my books off my web site: I can assure you that each novel will be personally … Read more

I’m a 69 year old American male, born in Oklahoma City June 21, 1944 and raised in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Wild as a peach elm boar when I was younger. Last 42 years I have resided in Columbus, Indiana. I’ve worked in the oilfields of Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming. First as a floor hand, motor man … Read more

This is probably only pertinent to the ones that have or presently are working in the oilfields. I can remember when I was only 27 (43 years ago) and working as a roughneck in the oilfields of Oklahoma. The following story is my recollection of an incidence during that time. My Paw, brother and I … Read more

This happened to my wife, a friend and I at a restaurant. Anybody else can top this, sure would appreciate it being known. Anyway, to make a long story even longer, we three arrived at this restaurant about 12:45 pm. It was not crowded at all. In fact there was just another couple there making … Read more