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I was born in Oklahoma City June 21, 1944 and raised in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Wild as a peach elm boar when I was younger. Last 40 years I have resided in Columbus, Indiana. I've worked in the oilfields of Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming. First as a floor hand then as a derrickman. My youth was spent driving trucks hauling grain from Liberal, Kansas to Houston, Texas. I delivered a load of bailing twine from Houston, Texas to Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Took a load of watermelons from Cotulla, Texas to Denver, Colorado for Safeway Grocery Inc., where they were placed on the railroad to deliver back to Cottula! Delivered a load of mattresses from Chickasha, Oklahoma to Rolla, Missouri. Then I transported produce to New Mexico, Colorado and Missouri. One time was a migrant worker; picking tomatoes, potatoes and PRUNES in Oregon. Once I hoed, picked and chopped cotton in Oklahoma and Mississippi. Pitched hay bales, worked the harvest and drove wheat combines in Oklahoma. Shoed horses & mules in Colorado and worked at The Arapaho Hunt Club in Littleton, Colrado. Have been an apprentice embalmer and an ambulance driver too! Also I was an assistant grocery manager, sold insurance for Mutual of Omaha and Allstate Insurance Company. So, I sincerely believe that I've been there and done that!

Wrote two western novels; CLEARWATER(76,694 words-276 pages) and MERCER'S MANOR(95,799 words-333 pages). There is no profanity in either. They are published by SYNERGEBOOKS in paperback and electronically on the Internet. Both novels are listed by Wal-Mart Online, Amazon, Borders, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble on the Internet. A hint: When I wrote MERCER'S MANOR, I had in my mind's eye, Tom Selleck as Dan Mercer, Sam Elliott as his side-kick and Reba McEntire as the love interest. In CLEARWATER, I envisioned Clint Eastwood as the aging sheriff, doesn't want to rock the boat just glide along until retirement. As the "serial killer", I thought of Jack Nicholson! This way keeps me from having to take notes! I am also a member of Eighteenhundreds, Bartholomew County Writers, and Authors Den.

My wife commented that I was not content. I beg to differ with her. There are the three "C's": covetness, contentment and complacency. I do not COVET other people's things, I believe in working for what I possess. I am CONTENT with what I do have, but I hope that I will never become so COMPLACENT as not to want to have more. Received an Honorable Discharge from Uncle Sam's Mean Children on January 9, 1964.

While shoeing horses and mules on a dude ranch in Mancos, Colorado I met my wife, Laurel Ann Mastenbrook. After 30 minutes, asked her to marry me. I will be the first to admit I was a tad slow, but I did have to know her name first! I am a strong believer in setting my priorities. August 1st, 2013 we will celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary. Oh Joy!!! What Rapture!!!(I like those words!!!) We are members Reddington Rebels church of Christ in Reddington, Indiana. Two newspaper articles; one about me DYING three times in an automobile accident. The 1st online reality contest, Game of Fame. The prize was an all-expense trip to Hollywood, where I met with various writers of the "Law & Order" series on TV, independent movie producers and screenplay people. All to promote my two western novels! Then on February 15th, 2005 I was invited back to help celebrate the next two winners; Cassi Rissa (Game 2)& Christine Phillips (Game 3) at the ultra chic House of Blues in Hollywood! I met the actors of the Survivor Austraila, Katey Doyle and others. Had a wonderful time! I recently found out that both my novels, CLEARWATER & MERCER'S MANOR, are now in ebook form available on Kindle, Android, IPhone, etc., etc. READ & ENJOY!!!

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